The blue dream

Ordinary person, there will be no ordinary soul, static in lonely and lonely, also can create a miracle after another; Even hear the cold wind, see the eyeful sand, feeling is the storm, also can draw the coordinates of life. A commitment is to shoulder the responsibility of life, there is a kind of life last forever, there is a name is called security. In the wind and snow, Dream beauty pro in the rain, in the hot sun, they figure, it is the endless miles on a line each jinsong, perseverance.

They have a name, called the railroad workers.

The sound of a flute so easily cut all my understanding, the lights of the yard and the night after the rain, that lay all over the floor of the orbit, winding, weaving, silent as a happy-go-lucky life, in fact, I also like the happy-go-lucky languid is lazy, let it doesn't mean you aren't ideal and ambitious, remember that night we boys in volunteer team and return to chat, talked about the ideal, I said hope can do long in the future, but this ideal is attracted everybody laughed at, poor but they treat me like a joke, I laughed, too. I clearly know what you want, traveled more than two thousand kilometers laze around here don't I want? But everyone who want to laze away will be the puppet of life.

In this period of age, walked into the warmth of lingnan, expectations can also catch the tail of youth, only to enjoy the chiangnan misty rain, the ease of austral amorous feelings, life version is really too much, but I do really self.

Dramatic in the new city, under the rain also silence of the night, lights, neon, seemingly busy yet times show the loneliness of filar silk. Set off on a new journey, moments of beauty, destined to need to forget the season, only wish made yuhua district of scattered memory, can clear those fuzzy eyes, no matter how you fingers clasped and still leaked, and those teenage years scenes passing. So why not silence, a sign of maturity, Dream beauty pro is how poised to silence, so, gave himself a self-deception.

At night, I like simple make a cup of tea with his bitter complex mood to write down a day in front of my computer screen. And then, collect my thoughts, trying to fall asleep to dream. Out of the window, prolongs the flute is train...

However, is still a dream, the dream are you ok? There are so many together crazy of you together, is ok?

Maybe everyone is miss can't stop. Past sad and happy, in memory, always filled with vivid people mind. Some people say that you and your heart more far, the easier it is to be in a group. You and your heart is more close, the more like and habits alone. Miss, then, is to stop and start a new job and study, people will be happy. But tend to be realistic, like quicksand, take you to sink into the memories. As a result, more and more in this, more and more unable to extricate themselves. Maybe one day, found a trace of the sun from everywhere, ZhongLiu inside, fall on pillow, climb on the cheek, and tried to break my closed eyes, and my darling as it may, I opened my eyes, open the window, a gentle wind. Good a sunny day, Dream beauty pro hard sell good morning: moonset sunrise is a gorgeous, wind a morning show relaxed, wood dust is quiet, traveling to more brilliant flowers, and I finally can raise head in bewilderment, looked at the sunlight in the foreign country, and then to remember your smiling face with a smile...